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Clarins 娇韵诗 黄金双萃焕活眼霜精华两件套

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Clarins - Ultimate Double Serum Complete Age Control Duo

The world famous best selling double serum for Clarins is one of our ultimate beauty favourites. With its complete age control concentrate, it gets straight to work on the skin to give a more youthful and radiant complexion that will leave you looking glowing. Designed to help the 5 vital functions of the skin, it is bursting with 21 plant extracts that make skin firmer and reduce the appearance of lines.

内含:双萃焕活眼部精华眼霜 20ml+黄金双萃焕活修护精华露 30ml

双萃焕活眼部精华眼霜 20ml:精华 眼霜 配比2:1,一泵焕活。2 in 1质地亲肤易吸收 0%硅油 0%酒精专为眼周皮脂膜设计,精准调控双泵技术 根据季节、肤质随心调控用量
黄金双萃焕活修护精华露 30ml:娇韵诗全新第8代双萃焕活修护精华露,30年先进抗老科技,卓效'黄金双瓶'突破单瓶局限,严格遵循植物成分溶于水溶于油的性质,以独特双瓶科技,将水油两种质地精华合二为一,完整封存这【20+1】种高效植萃,模拟细胞天然水油比,以更亲和的状态深层作用于细胞,一滴释放双重年轻能量。细胞的天赋原生力被唤醒,还原天生的紧致、弹润、细滑!

Clarins - Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate - 30ml

  • Full of organic plant ingredients that boost the skins vitalities ,

  • Hides wrinkles and makes skin feel smoother ,

  • Adds a glow to the skin ,

  • Reduces the size of pores

  • Dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic

To Use: ,Apply before your Clarins day or night cream for optimal anti-aging performance.

Clarins - Double Serum Eye - 20ml

Organic Wild Chervil Extract is the key to a brighter, smoother, more rested eye area. Combined with turmeric, renowned for its exceptional anti-ageing properties, Double Serum Eye visibly acts on all signs of ageing around the eye area.

Double Serum Eye is a global age control concentrate that targets all signs of ageing and concerns within the eye contour to preserve the eye area's youthful qualities. The formula, with 96% of ingredients from natural origin, contains Clarins new plant discovery, chervil extract, which helps the skin regain strength and vitality, boosting cell communication. Chervil extract is combined with 12 other plant extracts including Double Serum's star ingredient, turmeric extract, to boost skins renewal for a smoother and brighter eye area. The complete eye serum also contains Clarins new anti-pollution complex, this targets all indoor and outdoor pollution as well as protecting against blue light pollution, generated by screens, which causes dehydration and dry skin, leading to ageing around the eyes.

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