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SK-II 面部护肤7件套装
SK-II 面部护肤7件套装
SK-II 面部护肤7件套装
SK-II 面部护肤7件套装


product description
SK-II - SKII 7pcs Set
内含:神仙水230ml+大红瓶面霜80g+洁面20ml+嫩肤清莹露30ml+赋能焕采精华霜 15g+大眼眼霜2.5g+前男友面膜1片

神仙水230ml:万千挚爱经典 SK-II 护肤精华露,焕发晶莹剔透美肌。
大红瓶赋能焕采精华霜 经典版80g:由内^而外,为肌肤“充电”,点亮肌肤光蕴。由内^而外,为肌肤“充电”,SK-II创新性能量成分组合,帮助深度^润养肌肤,好状态随时随地在线,无惧压力!
赋能焕采精华霜 15g:
前男友护肤面膜1片:肌肤浸享PITERA™*奢宠使用SK-II护肤面膜,将肌肤浸浴于丰盈的PITERA™当中,密集修护,感受PITERA™的卓越功效。PITERA™ 含有超过50种微营养素(如维生素,矿物质,氨基酸和有机酸),有助于保持肌肤良好机能状态。

Facial Treatment Essence 230ml
Cream 80g
Cleanser 20ml
Lotion 30ml
Cream 15g
Eye 2.5g
Mask 1pc

Everything you need for high-quality, effective anti-ageing treatment in one exclusive set.

This outstanding, premium skincare set is a complete arsenal of all you need for younger-looking and supple skin.


Facial Treatment Essence 230ml:

An intensely restorative facial lotion, this miracle worker encourages cellular renewal to rejuvenate and refresh skin with exceptional hydration. You'll see your skin brighten, blemishes diminish, and skin tone become more unified.

Skinpower Cream 80g:

A new SKINPOWER cream from SK-II with a more advanced potency in transforming skin. Loaded with active ingredients, this rich moisturiser melts quickly into the skin to intensely moisturise and keep skin hydrated, restoring the skin's suppleness and bounciness. Skin is left feeling silky smooth and sporting a healthy, youthful glow.

Facial Treatment Cleanser 20ml:
SKIN-II gently removes impurities to reveal clean, soft skin. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, this foaming facial cleanser will help you start the day right or end on a high note. SK-II's signature ingredient Pitera is combined with skin-conditioning substances to take your skin to a whole new level of radiance.

Facial Treatment Lotion 30ml:

An innovative blend of A.H.A. and Pitera exfoliates and conditions skin with an amino acid, vitamin, and mineral blend unique to SK-II. It gently removes waste cells and impurities from pores and prepares skin for the following skincare step. This hydrating, lightweight lotion absorbs quickly and offers lustrous, younger-looking skin.

R.N.A. Power Cream 15g:

R.N.A. Power Cream is designed to give you the next level in firm skin. Thoroughly hydrating and nourishing, signs of ageing are reduced signs of ageing are diminished, leaving skin firmer, tighter, softer, and more vibrant.

Skinpower Eye Cream 2.5g:

A rich, luxurious eye cream that's truly revolutionary to skincare. The cream instantly refreshes, gently detoxifies and penetrates anti-ageing properties. The powerful blend of active ingredients encourages the skin around the eyes to retain moisture levels and is unveiled as plump, dewy, and radiant.

Facial Treatment Mask 1pc:

The luxury face mask contains an intense concentration of Pitera, a yeast-derived mix of minerals, organic acids, vitamins, and amino acids that promotes skin's recovery. The result is a bright, clear and hydrated complexion thanks to applying this miracle mask.

This makes a great gift for your own thirsty skin or a gift for someone special.
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