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Filorga 菲洛嘉 焕龄时光眼霜套装

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Filorga Time-Filler Eyes Global Anti-Ageing Programme. Time-Filler Eyes (15ml) + Micellaire Solution (50ml) + Lift Stucture (15ml)


Filorga TIME-FILLER EYES Global Anti-Ageing Programme is a set proposing a selection of anti-ageing cares intended to all skin types.

- Filorga TIME-FILLER EYES 15ml is an absolute correction cream of the look. It offers three anti-ageing complementary actions:

On the wrinkles: a trio of active ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Tripeptide, gentle peeling effect active) to relax the face lines and smooth the wrinkles of the eye contour,
On the lashes and lids: a lifting complex to fight against slackening of superior eyelids and stimulating matrikine to densify the lashes,
On the dark-circles: filling spheres and a stimulating complex to reduce all dark-circles types: hollow and coloured.
Day after day, the wrinkles are smoothed, eyelid is retensioned, dark-circles fade. Look opens. It offers a velvety cream texture.

- Filorga Micellar Solution 50ml (Free) is a micellar solution that cleanses and removes make-up from the face, lips and eyes in gentleness.

Enriched in moisturising, protecting and soothing active ingredients, its formula with fragrance free offers a global anti-ageing action. It effectively acts thanks to a synergy of its ingredients: physio-cleansing micelles, gentle tensio-actives, Rhamnose polysaccharides, Trehalose.

Once cleansed, the skin is clean, clear, comfortable and soothed. It is suitable for all skins for which it respects the physiological balance.

- Filorga LIFT-STRUCTURE Ultra-Lifting Cream 15ml (Free) is a lifting cream formulated based on active ingredients from aesthetic process for global anti-ageing effect.

This cream doubly acts:

Surprising lifting efficacy, it contains Plasmatic Lifting Factors which associates cellular factors, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid in order to visibly tighten the lines, plump the skin and sculpt volumes.
Intensive firming action, from the last search in biotechnology, a duo of botanical actives stimulates the major components of the skin to give it tone and firmness.
Its ultra-comfort cream texture is both rich and fine and slides on the skin while providing nutrition and radiance.
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